HERCO is the crypto solution that connects the game with the real world.
HERCO can be purchased with various cryptocurrencies and can be exchanged for the in-game resource, HEROSTONE.
The intrinsic value of HERCO is ensured through the value of HEROSTONE.

P&E Flow

HERCO can be exchanged by using the in-game resource HEROSTONE
or purchased using WEMIX Credit.
WEMIX Credit can be exchanged for WEMIX Token which can then be exchanged for various cryptocurrencies.


  • Herostone is a core resource that is required for progression in Crypto Ball Z.
    Herostone can be earned by anyone for free if they play the game.

  • Play Crypto Ball Z and get Herostone through various contents!

    • MISSION &


    • DRONE

  • Commanders increase the efficiency of Drone mining.
    Power up your Heroes so you can reach higher stages.


    • HERO
      POWER UP

WEMIX Wallet

Link with WEMIX Wallet to trade HERCO with WEMIX Credit.

  • Step 1

    Login after installing the WEMIX Wallet app.

  • Step 2

    Select HERCO at the token list.

  • Step 3

    Trade HERCO at DEX within
    the HERCO trade screen.