Crypto Ball Z is a blockchain game
that has both idle RPG and shooting game elements.
Play and Earn with unique Heroes and Commanders!




    A Summa cum laude graduate of a wizard school. Her source of magic still remains mystery, but she is determined to become famous so that she can find her long-lost brother.

  • RINA

    Always happy and bright! A drum majorette of a parade who boosts morale in battles.


    A girl who has an angel and a beast inside. Rumor has it that she has created those alter egos only to enjoy the fight to the fullest.

  • ROSE

    A girl who is planning to take over the world after getting an enormous power from a deal with the devil. Since her plan took an unexpected turn because of the monster invasion, she has more urgent matter to take care.

  • LEO

    A cat lover whose superpower is to control cats with his mind. One cat doesn’t seem much, but thousands of them are capable of anything.

  • LEN

    A cat who can walk and talk like a human. No one know why exactly, but he fights to protect human beings.


  • Due to the release of WEMIX 3.0,
    the official names of related Tokens have been changed.